cold brew nitro being dispensed from a kegerator in a coffees

How to Set Up a Cold Brew Nitro Keg at Home or Office (To Coffeeshop Standards)

Losing oneself watching nano bubbles cascade throughout the glass of cold brew —then settle into a foamy cloud of goodness—is a true moment of beauty.

Edd Siu

In this guide, I will show you exactly how to set your keg, maintain it, give you my recipes, tips and tricks.

It may look intimidating, but it's not. I promise.


In This Guide


Why Nitro?

When customers asked us, whats cold brew nitro? One explanation seemed to hit home run:

It's like a Guinness but with coffee.

Why Set Up a Keg at Home or the Office?

The answer is ultimately between you and your pastor—or husband or wife. But's if you ask me, if you work at home—it begs the question, why not?

So if you have $800 to spare and want to execute a power move—continue reading this guide.

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