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Why learn how to make stuff?

Here's the TLDR:

  • It's a great hobby & skill.
  • Impress someone (because nobody likes a person who's not good at anything)
  • Save money.
  • The feeling of satisfaction to have created something delicious.
  • A cup or glass of something is an excellent way to gather and have conversations.

Lets get to the point...

a picture of thick cutting board with plates set in the background. preparing for a gathering of friends.

I love making stuff. Creating stuff is a source of great comfort and joy. Everyone should be able to make things with their hands.

✅ Setting you up for success
In my days of creating specialty coffee drinks, cocktails, and food items, I had to write detailed processes for the Team on how to make these items—and be clear and thorough enough so 7 different people, all with different learning styles, could reach the same result. Consistency is imperative.

📓 A resource for doers, not consumers
My goal on this member's site is to share my detailed recipes and notes with you—with lots of photos and videos.

This way you're set up for success so that you can create them yourself and set you on an amazing journey of culinary exploration.

Wait but why?

⛵️ Happiness is the pursuit, not the destination.

One of the greatest satisfactions in life is to spend time with the people you hold dearly—and take care of them.

Make them a damn good cuppa coffee, a mean cocktail, and converse. Even in difficult times, we can always find solace in each other and the comfort of good company.

Oh yeah...This site has no nasty cluttered banner ads and annoying popups–only good design with clear and concise information.

Take a look around, check out some recipes that peek your curiosity—sign up and become a Free Member—no spam, just your email.

On Gathering

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to gather around a table, set some snacks, coffee or cocktails, and have meaningful, & thoughtful conversations for hours with people I care about. And having the ability to craft tasty, good looking drinks is a big plus.

As screens and internet experiences proliferate, now more than ever, we must stand rooted in the joys of face to face experiences—or as the kids say—IRL experiences.

Drinks are a powerful tool to bring us together—make new friends & strengthen bonds.

Do you need fancy cocktails or pour-overs for this? Of course not!

A cheap bottle of something or machine coffee does the same trick. But since you are reading this, you want to serve something good. You and your guests deserve it!

But Sometimes...

We just need some good ole' me time with the company of a good book, pen and paper, or whatever gives you solace–all with a delicious and satisfying drink in hand.

cocktail set in the window with snowey mountains in the background

The Purpose of this Site

One word: practicality.

A site where I share my recipes, guides, tips and tricks, etc on how to make great drinks–in an easy to follow and thorough manner.

Pretend you and I are hanging out, and I guide you through step-by-step on how to make a great-tasting and great-looking drink.

Recipes, guides and classes with lots of pictures and videos, and just plain good or practical, curated and actionable information and advice.

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In Conclusion

and if you become more interested, consider becoming a Premium Member and get creating.



p.s. Drink less but better, responsibly, and always be good to each other!