a shot of a Martini cocktails in the background of the Arizona desert.

Robert Oppenheimer's Unconventional Martini Recipe

Oppenheimer's own martini doesn't whisper, it declares.

Edd Siu

It's not often that you go to a government website and find record of a cocktail recipe.

Oppenheimer's own Martini doesn't whisper, it declares.

Oppenheimer vs the standard Martini

The standard Martini, a classic cocktail revered for its simplicity and elegance, typically calls for two ounces of gin. It's a delicate balance of gin and vermouth, often garnished with a lemon twist or an olive.

Oppenheimer's recipe introduces a honey-lime rim, a sweet and citrusy touch that perfectly complements the robust gin.


4 oz Gin
1 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
.75 oz Fresh Lime juice
1 oz Honey




Honey Lime Rim


Martini glass

Ice Type


Recipe Notes

  • The gin must be as cold as possible. If you often make Martinis, I recommend storing the gin bottle in the freezer at all times.
  • If you do not have time to let the gin mingle in the freezer, pour the portion needed in a container and set it in ice to chill. Just like this.
  • If you're new to gins, ask your liquor store clerk for any locally distilled gins. Otherwise, opt with the standard Tanqueray's, Beefeater, Plymouth. If making for parties, a Costco card does come in handy.


  1. Chill your glasses: The key to a good martini is its coldness. Place your martini and mixing glasses in the refrigerator (with ice as seen in the video) or freezer for at least an hour to ensure they are thoroughly chilled.
  2. Prepare the honey-lime rim: Stir 1 oz  honey and .75 oz of lime juice in a glass, then transfer to a medium size plate. Dip the rim of your martini glass into the mixture to create a sweet, citrusy rim.
  3. Assemble the cocktail: Fill your mixing glass full with ice. Add 1 oz of vermouth, stir for 5 seconds, then pour out the excess, leaving only a coating on the ice.
  4. Add the chilled 4 oz of gin and give it another quick stir to ensure minimal dilution.
  5. Serve: Strain the cocktail into the martini glass.

Final Thoughts

But be warned, this martini is strong. Tread carefully, and enjoy responsibly.