female dj playing vinyl records at home

"Songs That Will Cure your Hangover"

Music is the healer no matter who you are.

Edd Siu

A quick intro thought

I have a friend with many excellent qualities. But one in particular always sticks with me—on social media, she doesn't share many memes or RT's, but when she does, they are bangers.

Last Friday morning...

The YouTube algorithm decided it was fitting to show a dj set from My Analog Journal titled "Songs that Will Cure Your Hangover" (no, I was not hungover)

Why am I sharing this with you?

I started listening to it and I had chills all the way through. Something this good must be shared.

It's a banger.

I hope you find this useful for:

  1. Soothing-smooth-as-shea-butter work music.
  2. Study /work background visuals.
  3. Tunes while you cook this weekend.
  4. Or, as intended, helps you get over a hangover (let me know if it works).

Please enjoy this stunning set from My Analog Journal by Ceylan Göksel.

**Play it loud.