Coffeeshop Syrups

Coffeeshop Syrups

Edd Siu

Here's a collection of made-from-scratch syrup recipes used in a coffeeshop setting. Moving beyond the classic syrup and then towards a whole new world of creative concoctions.

A really great cup of brewed coffee or espresso will never need a sweeter.  But there are other occasions when you might want to dress up your cup or make something sweet for a someone—and other times when you want to make something more adventurous.

madagascar vanilla syrup recipe

Vanilla is one of those universally loved flavors. It is the second most expensive spice after saffron.

bourbon maple syrup recipe

Bourbon and maple syrup are both top shelf ingredients that have an extremely unique quality: they make everything taste better.

butterscotch  syrup recipe

Butterscotch conjures nostalgia, even for those that didn’t grow up with it.

coconut palm  syrup recipe

Coconut palm is a more versatile vegan substitute for caramel syrup.

lavender  syrup recipe

Lavender and coffee as a pairing seems strange at first, but they pair really well.

Mint Honey was developed as a year round syrup that can be used during summertime (cold brew, iced teas) or winter (lattes and hot teas). The honey base really helps round up the peppermint flavor .

mocha  syrup recipe

Chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. There's nothing more decadent that a mocha made with real chunks of chocolate.

pumpkin spice  syrup recipe

This Pumpkin Spice recipe is inspired by the flavors you would find in pumpkin pie made completely from scratch—with actual pumpkin.

tea based syrup recipe

There are many blends of teas out there that can be used as a base for syrups with complex flavors. The possibilities, endless. In this example, we make a Berry Tea syrup.

toasted coconut syrup recipe

This Toasted Coconut Orgeat recipe uses toasted coconut instead of almonds. It takes it to a new level with a smokey coconut note.