rimmed margarita glass with warm light in the background

Mezcal Margarita

Edd Siu
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Something about this quarantine is giving me some serious mezcal cravings. Ever hear that saying: listen to your body? Well, I have been listening to my body, and I've been drinking a lot of mezcal. Neat with some oranges and sal de gusano.

But, can you make margaritas with mezcal?

Absolutely yes you can, and your life will change with you try one—a very well made one.

What is it?

Here's the thing about this particular mezcal margarita recipe. There is this magical thing that happens at the convergence of smoke, spice, and citrus. I'm sure this combo probably triggers the same area of your brain as some powerful illicit substances do.

It's very addicting; I went through a 1-liter bottle of Banhez mezcal within two weeks (my significant other is concerned, but we're amid a global pandemic and shutdown, isolated, and I need the electrolytes).

This is a very beautiful recipe. It's simple, honest, and delicious.
ingredients for making a mezcal margarita over a thick cutting board

Some quick notes

There's a lot to say about mezcal but, we'll leave that for another time. Here's the thing, it's not entirely accurate to describe all mezcales as smoky. There's a lot of complex flavors in this agave spirit. Depending on what you're drinking, you can taste flavors like ripe fruit, spice, vanilla, brown sugar, wood, etc.

My point being, mezcal is not all just about the smoke.

Which bottles work best?

Save the expensive bottles for neat consumption. The mezcal market is growing fast, and a lot of great stuff is becoming available. Bottles that you'll come across often is Vida Del Maguey or Montelobos—both decently priced at around $30 to $40. Stick to bottles on this range because you'll go through them very quickly.

Stick to mezcal made from the Espadin agave variatal (it'll say it on the label). They are more robust and perfect for making cocktails.

So how do you make a mezcal margarita at home?

Let's do this:


2 oz Mezcal
1 oz fresh lime juice
.75 oz light agave nectar




Rim with Tajin


Clear rocks glass

Ice Type

Clear ice rock


1️⃣ Rim: Cut the lime in half. Use one half to coat the lip of the class, then dip the lip into the tajín.

rim glass
rim glass with tajin or sal de gusano
rim the glass

2️⃣ Add lime juice, agave, and mezcal into the cocktail shaker, add ice—then shake

Add lime juice.
add agave nectar.
Banhez mezcal artesanal

3️⃣ Insert ice rock into glass. Strain liquid into glass.

large clear ice rock
strain into glass
mezcal margarita at home

“Para todo mal, mezcal; para todo bien, también… y si no hay remedio: litro y medio”

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