Ranch Water (In A Bottle)

Ranch Water (In A Bottle)

Edd Siu

Somedays, the sun shines so bright that your thermometer seems close to shattering.

Surviving when it's scorching hot outside is a struggle. It feels like it's easier to sweat than to produce a thought.

The cold mineral water will quench your thirst, the lime juice replenishes your electrolytes, and the tequila will take your mind off the heat.

Best sparkling water to use

Topo Chico is one of the most carbonated waters out there, so when you add tequila and lime, its fizziness will hold.

Topo Chico is the official water of Texas—so using it is a requisite.

But most importantly...

You'll stick get that thirst-quenching, bubbly smack in the throat.

cold bottle of topo chico with a lime on top

Best tequila to use for Ranch Waters

The best tequila to use in Ranch Waters are those that are well rounded, full of flavor—aka artisanal, additive-free tequilas.

A good budget friendly tequila you can use is Espolon blanco. Another great budget tequila you can use is Cimarron blanco.

Other best-in-class tequilas you can use are Fortaleza, El Tesoro, or Tapatio (all blancos). All becomingly more widely available.


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Alternatively, you can prepare Ranch Waters in a tall glass.

Here's how to make it:


8 oz Topo Chico
1.5 oz Tequila blanco
0.5 oz Lime juice




Lime wedge


Collins glass

Ice Type

Ice cubes


  1. In a Collins glass, add tequila and lime juice.
  2. Top with ice cubes to the brim.
  3. Top with soda water.
  4. Stir gently with a barspoon.
  5. Garnish with lime wedge.