Cold Brew Coffee Mule

Cold Brew Coffee Mule

Edd Siu

If you like Moscow Mule cocktails or just ginger beer in general, coffee and ginger make a surprisingly good pair.

This Cold Brew Coffee Mule is an incredibly refreshing and reinvigorating drink, suitable for poolside, beach, or picnic vibes.

Coffee, ginger, citrus, and mint make for an amusing symphony of flavors and aromas.

About this recipe

In this non-alcoholic coffee cocktail recipe, we substitute the vodka for cold brew concentrate. If you want to get nerdy, I recommend a cold brew made with Kenyan or Ethiopian beans. This way, the acidic notes of these coffees will make a perfect pair.

But overall, you can use any cold brew concentrate.

Sidenote: If you don't know how to make cold brew concentrate and would like to learn, check out this lesson on making cold brew from the Home Barista class.

You have to use concentrate so that the coffee flavor stands head to head (in a friendly way) with the strong notes of ginger.

Video Recipe

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1.5 oz cold brew concentrate
0.5 oz lime juice
5 oz Fever Tree ginger beer
1 dash orange bitters


Lightly stirred


Lime wheel

Mint sprig

Ginger gummy

Bamboo skewer

Paper straw


  1. In the copper mug: add lime juice, cold brew concentrate, bitters and ginger beer.
  2. Lightly stir the ingredients.
  3. Top with pebble or crushed ice.
  4. Slap the mint leaves, and garnish.
  5. Add lime wheel.
  6. Insert piece of ginger gummy on skewer and add to drink.
  7. Add paper straw.

Finally, if you had a hard week or if you're in YOLO mode, you can add 1 ounce of vodka to this drink. But remember...

Drink and relax responsibly!

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