Cold Brew Tonic

Cold Brew Tonic

This is a non alcoholic coffee cocktail that's crisp, bubbly, and zesty (via the tonic).

Edd Siu

Imagine for a moment—it's the peak of a scorching summer day, you want something refreshing and you're in need of caffeine.

You don't hate yourself enough to drink hot coffee, obviously, and you want something more interesting than a cold brew.

Enter the Cold Brew Tonic. If you like coffee, beach-weather, and Gin & Tonics, I don't need to sell you further.

What is it?

This is a non alcoholic coffee cocktail that's crisp, bubbly, and zesty (via the tonic).

A guest once told me that this drink is like a more wholesome Redbull. I can see his point, but I'll let you be the judge.

*Sidenote: This is a drink I developed for a summer menu at my old coffeebar.

Video Recipe

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6 oz Sparkling water
0.5 oz Jack & Rudy Tonic syrup
2 oz Cold brew concentrate


Lightly Stirred


Lemon wheel


Collins Glass

Ice Type

Ice cubes


Note: you have to do it in this order, or else you'll have a bubbly mess.

1️⃣ Fill the Collins glass with ice.

2️⃣ Add 6 oz of sparkling water into the glass.

3️⃣ Add 0.5 oz of Jack and Rudy Tonic syrup. Stir lightly with barspoon, this will help with layering.

4️⃣ Add 2 oz of cold brew concentrate.

5️⃣ Garnish with lime wheel.

Recipe Notes

  • You have to use cold brew concentrate because of its flavor and caffeine potency.
  • If you don't have concentrate, you can buy ready-made Chameleon concentrate at big chain grocery stores. I would first check and support your local craft coffee shop and ask to buy some.
  • There are a lot of similar tonic coffee recipes that use espresso. I generally don't use espresso for cold cocktail recipes because using cold brew is a lot cleaner in texture and easier to store and serve.
  • I like using tonic syrup because I can control the amount of zing. Alternatively, you can ready-made tonic water and then simply just add the coffee concentrate.
  • If you need a good and affordable grinder, I recommend this one from Krups.

And of course, if you want to add some extra oomph to this cold brew tonic recipe, add your desired amount of gin.


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